Flowers... a truly global trade

Everyone loves flowers... and the worldwide statistics seem to back that up. The whole world truly seems to love flowers.

According to statistics, Netherlands is the biggest European producer of cut flowers (its exports in 2013 were worth 2.9 billion Euros), and is key to worldwide distribution. The Netherlands is also in the top five countries in Europe based on consumption value per capita - the top 5 being Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Italy.

The figures for the Netherlands are mind-blowing. 4.32 billion tulip bulbs a year. 2.3 billion tulips a year sold as cut-flowers. Total horticultural production on 2011 was worth 8.6 billion Euros. Exports, including re-exports, was worth 16.2 billion Euros. In horticulture, the Netherlands has 24% of the world market, and for floriculture it is around 50%. The world's largest flower auction house is, unsurprisingly, in Holland. It has 4,100 employees, and every single day it sells 34.5 million flowers and 2.3 million plants. It carries out 120,000 transactions a day. It must have some large warehouses...

However, the EU as a whole still imports a huge amount of fresh cut flowers and foliage. In 2013 it amounted to 967 million Euros. 60% went through the Netherlands, and the countries supplying may come as a bit of a surprise... 32% came from Kenya, 13% from Ecuador, 13% from Ethiopia, 10% from Colombia, 3% from Costa Rica and 3% from Uganda.

Sirane has developed a number of flower packaging solutions which will work in all parts of the supply chain. After all, with values hitting the billions, the flowers are worth protecting. We have a range of water-retaining flower pouches for cut flowers, protective wraps for rose stems, and compostable wraps and films. Sirane's also a development company, so if there's problems in your supply chain we might have a solution. But our flower packaging is not just aimed at the huge flower distributors operating on a global scale. We're happy to sell straight to florists looking to enhance their sales.



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Welcome to our new flower packaging site...

Welcome to Thinking-Flowers, the new flower packaging site from Sirane... we hope you like it!

Sirane offers a range of flower and horticultural packaging solutions, and we decided it was about time they got their own dedicated site. We took the Thinking branding that's working well with our other websites, and created


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