Flower-pouches keep cut flowers fresher for longer

Water-retaining flower pouches

WATER-RETAINING flower pouches are a great way to help keep cut flowers fresher for longer – and Sirane can offer a wide range of sizes, absorbencies and colours.

Flower-Fresh pouches can be tied securely, maintaining a constant reservoir of water which nurtures the flowers and maximises shelf-life. The outside of the pouch is leak-proof.

Gillian Carter, sales executive for horticultural products, said: “Flower-Fresh pouches are a great solution to keeping flowers fresh and maintaining a constant water supply.

“We have a wide range of colours available, and can even supply them printed. If you’re looking for a way to stop flowers wilting during transportation, then this is the answer.”

A number of innovative new flower packaging solutions have been added to the Sirane Horticultural catalogue recently alongside the Flower-Fresh water-retaining pouches.

Crepe flower wraps and protective rose-stem wraps have been added to the existing range of water-retaining flower pouches and compostable wraps/films for fresh flowers.

Gillian Carter, horticultural sales executive, said: “Many of our products are perfect for flower packaging and for protecting fresh flowers during transportation. We’ve used our expertise in material science, shelf-life and absorbency to develop a range of products.

“We’ve spoken to people within the industry about the products on the market and the products they need, and the result is the range now offered by Sirane Horticultural.

“Some of the products can be used together, so for example the water-retaining pouches can be used together with our compostable wraps as a complete packaging solution.

“Our newer products include protective rose-stem wraps – these not only protect the delicate stems of the roses, but also protect anyone handling the stems.”

A new website dedicated to flower packaging has also been launched. Thinking-Flowers.com showcases all the horticultural products, with a particular focus on flowers.

Other products in the range include compostable plant pots, and natural growing mats. Sow-And-Grow Resolve growing mats are designed as a replacement for peat, and can be used for growing cress, mustard and herbs, including those sold as live plants.

Gillian Carter said: “The mats are a plant-based fibre which is 100% natural and compostable. The open structure of the mats encourage root penetration, water retention and growth. We have introduced them to the range following impressive trials results.”

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specialises in areas including absorbency and ovenable/microwaveable products, compostable packaging, films, boards, absorbent pads, and much more.

For more information on Sirane’s horticultural range, contact Gillian Carter on +44 1952 230055 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, visit www.sirane.com.

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