Flower-Fresh™ Resolve rose-stem wrap

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Flower-Fresh™ rose stem wrap

Flower-Fresh™ protective wraps for rose stems

Flower-Fresh® rose stem wrap is used to wrap the delicate stems during transportation and handling - protecting both the rose itself from damage and the handler.

The cushioning on the Flower-Fresh® rose stem wrap prevents the thorns getting damaged accidentally. The same cushioning layer protects anyone handling the rose stems, preventing them from getting pricked by thorns.

The wrap can be moistened before use, providing a water supply to the stems during transportation, and helping to ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition.

Flower-Fresh® rose stem wraps are available in a wide range of colours & absorbencies and various sizes. A compostable version of this wrap is also available.

The wrap can be impregnated with anti-fungal and/or anti-microbial properties, and also combined with ethylene-absorption properties if required.



  • Cushioning protective wrap that can be impregnated with anti-fungal/anti-microbial properties
  • Prevents handlers being pricked by thorns
  • Can be moistened to provide water to stems during transportation
  • Range of different absorbencies/colours/sizes
  • Compostable version available
  • Ethylene absorbing properties an option
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